Bear Grizzly 852 Skateboard Trucks Review

Bear Grizzly 852 Skateboard Trucks has been designed to concentrate on durability, adaptability, and low weight. They’re built to provide a sturdy and extremely comfortable ride, with a one-time quick response, extremely light design, and, most significantly, unbeatable levels of strength and control. They even come with quick skating bearings and some of the greatest […]

Best Skateboard Wrist Guards

Wrist fractures are one of the most often and serious injuries in skateboarding. Because the hands and arms are always bent to prevent a crash, and the wrist is the only portion of the body that absorbs the force of the damage and bears the brunt of the impact. Wrist guards for skateboarding are a […]

Best Skateboard and Longboard Knee Pads

Anyone can enjoy skateboarding, but it requires significant practice. After all, remaining upright on a moving board is no small feat! If you’re interested in learning how to skate or are already active in the sport, don’t forget to protect your knees with pads like these top-rated products from recognized brands when hitting bumps along […]

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