FLYING ANT Hoverboard Electric Scooter

Flying Ant Hoverboard Review

When looking for fancy transport for both kids and adults, what can be better than an environmentally friendly Hoverboard? Right! But wait, you must be thinking that isn’t that a little expensive and cost you almost $250 to $300.

If that is so, let me crack your pseudo bubble with Flying Ant Hoverboard Electric Scooter and its review.

Now, you can find an eco-friendly and budget-friendly hoverboard for yourself for just under $200. And if you want to surprise your kids with it this Christmas, then don’t worry!

With the self-balancing feature, it is one of the safest hoverboards on the market.

Other than that, I see people looking for Bluetooth speakers with their hoverboard rides. Are you one of those people with such preferences? If yes, then FLYING-ANT is for sure a deal-breaker.

With LED lights and a Bluetooth drive, I’d say your kid will cherish your gift for years!

If you think that it’s just some kid’s toy and just marketed in a glorifying way to make it look like adults, then read my detailed review below and have your answer.

Right now, I can only say one thing, Ride with class and safety and make the best out of your 200 bucks!

What is a Hoverboard, and why is it so famous?

Before moving into the product’s details and review, you should get familiar with this item and its reputation. This way, you can understand the specs better and choose wisely.

Technically speaking, A hoverboard or a self-balancing scooter is a levitating device on which you can hover around with a firm grip.

It comes with a battery that can last for many hours and is changeable afterward. The wheels are tough and durable and can move on any surface without difficulty.

You don’t need anything extra to steer, as your feet can do everything! The gyroscope on both wheels helps you push the hoverboard with the signal of your feet. Interesting Right?

Another surprising thing is that you can burn calories with it! Though, the number varies from board to board. It still manages to cut a large number every time.

With the features described above, you can understand the hype this product creates. From moving around to energy saving, our hoverboards set flags everywhere.

Not just that, children of all ages love the product a lot. Just ask a kid what he wants for his birthday this year, and you’ll hear one thing for sure, “hoverboard!”

But with that, we can not conclude that every product in the market is worth buying. I know, that not every one of them will be safe for kids and suitable for adults.

Even some of the price tags are high enough to make you run for a bank account! So how can we find the best one with a low price tag and extraordinary safety measures?

This article came with an exciting answer.

Let’s take a look at FLYING-ANT Self Balancing Hoverboard Electric Scooter Review.

FLYING-ANT Self-Balancing Hoverboard Electric Scooter Review

We got you a detailed review of the product with additional comments from other users. So let’s get started!

FLYING ANT Self Balancing Hoverboard Electric Scooter Review

FLYING ANT Self-Balancing Hoverboard Electric Scooter Review

FLYING-ANT is a new brand that believes in manufacturing high-quality hoverboards at a price affordable for all. This U.S based company not just excels in features but comes with one of the best safety precautions.

Even with UL2271 and UL2272 safety, it didn’t compromise on any great features. The fascinating color options and balancing system make it look like a dream with this price tag.

About the Company (FLYING-ANT)

You can even look at its other products, as each one of them has a fine build with outstanding features. 

No quality issues have come their way. And not only that, the motto itself encourages people to put their trust in this brand. What else do you need from a name, right? 

To ensure safety, it is UL2272 Certified. And for this, it has to go through 159 harsh tests! What else can assure the product’s credibility? 

Overview of FLYING-ANT Self-Balancing Hoverboard Electric Scooter

FLYING-ANT 6.5 inches Self Balancing Hoverboard is a high-quality product with the best eco-friendly features. It is one of the safest hoverboards, most suitable for kids and young adults.

The fascinating color options and balancing system make it look like a dream with this price tag.

So, to know about the product a little better, let’s get into its features.

Features of the Product

Here are some of the exciting features.

Self Balancing Mechanism:

Are you afraid to buy your kid a hoverboard because of safety issues? And thoughts like, what if he loses the balance and falls off, bugs you all the time?

If that’s the case, don’t worry, as FLYING-ANT Self Balancing Hoverboard Electric Scooter is here with the best self-balancing mechanism.

It will stabilize the weight accordingly and prevent any unforeseen falls. Your kid can maintain the balance and will get a stronghold with time!

So stop worrying about your kid bumping his head or spraining his ankle, as it is something that you want right now!

Versatile Features:

If your kid is picky, the FLYING-ANT Self-Balancing Hoverboard Electric Scooter is a great deal, as it comes in a variety of color options.

Within the lot, your kid will for sure choose the best color for himself.

Even the sparkly LED lights are a perfect way to show off his new gift. So, let’s hope your kid can settle on one of 15 different choices.

Durability and Reliability:

You can get the assurance of the FLYING-ANT hoverboard’s durability with its high-quality build. With its solid rubber 6.5 inches in diameter wheels, you can get the reliability and ability to choose the land of your choice.

Now, you don’t have to stop your kid from riding on harsh surfaces. You can encourage them to play with it on almost any surface.

If wet grass is what you are thinking, yes, you can ride your hoverboard on it as well.

Battery Timing:

Good battery timing is something that adds a lot to your hoverboard feature. With FLYING-ANT’s self-balancing hoverboard, you can get a full charge in just 2 to 3 hours.

That can last up to 15 kilometers, and I’d say that’s enough for three days routine.

Most budget hoverboards often come with battery issues. But with this, from minor to major, nothing affects it.

Other than that, a UL-certified lithium battery makes a good deal in the smooth working of your FLYING-ANT hoverboard.

Appropriate Speed:

Most parents are always concerned about their kids riding a hoverboard rashly and hurting themselves. And even if you get the appropriate speed, adults always complain.

Here FLYING-ANT got you a carefully designed product with a speed range accurate for young kids and adults. Even if your kid is riding with the maximum speed levels, they won’t exceed the safe limit.

It makes it perfect for young users and ideal for every parent.

The 12MPH speed fully assures your kid’s safety and can take you up to 9.3 miles!

Bluetooth Speaker Mode:

You don’t want your kids to hover around the house and disturb you for their joy, Right? No one does. When they don’t have anything to do, they nudge our minds.

So, I can say this feature attracts every parent the most. Your kid can play any music on its hoverboard with the help of the blast Bluetooth speakers you get.

Just easily connect to any smartphone and listen to the music of your choice. No hassle, no issue, Just Fun!

We discussed the features thoroughly, and now let’s go through their pros and cons.


  • Unique Design:

It has a unique and stylish design that most adults love. The style is contemporary, and the addition of LED lights makes it look even fancier.

You can choose it from 15 colors that captivate both kids’ and adults’ attention.

  • High Quality Built:

The building material of this hoverboard is of high quality which assures durability and reliability. Solid wheels can act as a reliable feature of this hoverboard and give its presence a thumbs up. The heavy-duty build is effective for kids’ use and helpful for adults’ adventure.

  • Light Weight Body:

The overall manufacturing executes in a way that pleases both kids and adults. The body is light yet sturdy. By simply looking, no one says it has such lightweight.

If the hoverboard loses the battery in a run, your child can bring it back home without hassling with the weight. And the swift ride is only possible on a light hoverboard.

  • Efficient Riding:

We can ride the FLYING-ANT hoverboard on any surface without the issue of wrenching. With solid rubber wheels, your child will move anywhere he wants.

And with the balancing mechanism, the ride gets even more efficient. And with measures like UL2272, it is set to run errands!

  • Value for Money:

We all know the price tag FLYING-ANT’s latest hoverboard brings with itself. It is far less than all the other eco-friendly and safe hoverboards on the market. It makes it a great catch. And foolish to miss.

  • Best for Kids:

We can see all the features directed towards effective use for kids. From safety to balance, everything is in favor of a child. Not to forget the fun design and LED lights!

What else a kid needs, Right? So, isn’t it a great birthday present?

  • Customer Support:

With a limited product warranty and 24/7 customer support, you can have satisfying use with FLYING-ANT’s self-balancing hoverboard. So, no future issues or dissatisfaction!


  • Poor Scratch Resistance:

With this hoverboard, you can not ride without worrying about your scooter’s wear and tear. The reason is that the overall build lacks this ability to save and is not scratch-resistant. 

  • No Water Prood Ability:

If you want to take your hoverboard on a wet surface, I don’t have such good news on this one. The FLYING-ANT’s hoverboard body is not water-proof and can affect your scooter negatively. So, no wet rides in the rain, sorry!

  • No Significant Warranty:

Even though it does not permanently lack a warranty, I’d say it is not enough on any level. In my opinion, the guarantee is not enough to satisfy a customer and can lead to drastic results. So, make sure you trust the brand to the fullest.

How to Get the Best out of the Product?

If you want your FLYING-ANT Self-Balancing Hoverboard Electric Scooter to work to its full potential, then make sure you never miss the following steps:

  • Never leave your jolege hoverboard on charge for too long.
  • Always avoid using it on a rocky surface.
  • Always call customer services and never play with its technicalities.

Who is the Target Audience?

We know, that every product has a specific range and a target audience. Most hoverboards have no age limit, but you can see some still specify the target audience. So, it’s easier to verify the product for yourself. 

Just like that, the FLYING-ANT Self-Balancing Hoverboard Electric Scooter has a defined age limit.

It is preferable for kids and young adults to use it. Adults can also get try it.

It is most suitable for people having a small budget and who want to get the best out of it.

And if you are one of them, looking for a pocket-friendly item, go for this one right away!

Our Experience with the Product:

We got this extensive review based on our experience. And to be honest, we didn’t cut slack on this one. So you can get the just evaluation of the Jolege hoverboard.

  1. The first thing we saw was the design and style of the hoverboard. Even though we are skeptical about the design, let me say it, it has one of the most captivating looks of all time. With unique color options and flashy LED lights, we were all over it.
  2. Another thing that captivated us when used was stability. Even though we adults tested it, the overall balance is applaudable with this price. It felt steady and balanced in every way.
  3. One thing that bothered us was the Bluetooth performance. It didn’t hit the maximum volume, and the quality went down pretty quickly. We still think it’s because of the low price.
  4. The speed worked fine with weight, and the quality of the product felt durable even with a high capacity.
  5. And lastly, our experience with the price is appreciable! With this budget, the features are extraordinary and simply impressive.

Other People Comments:

Let’s look at other people’s reviews on FLYING-ANT Self-Balancing Hoverboard Electric Scooter. 

  • One satisfied customer showed his pleasure on Amazon, quoting, ” Bought for my granddaughter she loves it”
  • Another one was quite dissatisfied and complained about it not coming with a charger.
  • One of them applauded it by saying, ” So far so good!”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the best size of a hoverboard?
Size depends on your use. If you want to do some cool tricks, go for 6.5 inches, and when transportation is the basic need, 10 inches is the best.
Can my 9-year-old ride on a Flying-ant hoverboard with safety?
With 6.5 inches tires and a self-balancing mechanism, FLYING-ANT’s hoverboard is ideal for kids.
Is it better to turn off our hoverboard when charging?
Yes, it is better to turn the hoverboard off when charging it.
How much practice should I need when riding a hoverboard for the first time?
With a self-balancing mechanism, you don’t need much practice to master the product.
How can I say my hoverboard is safe?
If your hoverboard is UL2272 certified, sit back and stop worrying, as your hoverboard is safe to use.


When we want to buy a hoverboard, one thing that attracts us the most is its unique features. Though such exciting are available in almost every hoverboard, getting the same with less budget is applaudable. 

And yes, the quality matters too! So, to have an overall experience, FLYING-ANT got the best product. To better understand the product, read the article above, and check our extensive FLYING-ANT Self-Balancing Hoverboard Electric Scooter Review! 

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