Swagtron T380 Hoverboard

Swagtron T380 Hoverboard Review

Swagtron T380 Hoverboard

The T380 hoverboard has indicator lights in the center, as well as on the front and back.

Check the battery or device status of your board with ease. With speeds of up to 8 miles per hour, you can ride with faith (12.8  kilometers per hour). If you’re a novice, intermediate, or advanced hover rider, three performance modes make riding a breeze. From the hoverboard, you can switch between Learning and Standard Modes.

Best of all,

Switch to Advanced Mode with the Swagtron app and use your smartphone as your hoverboard’s remote. The SWAGTRON app is available for download from the App or Google Play stores for advanced riders. Use the app to enable  Advanced Mode and enjoy the freedom to travel wherever you like!

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Swagtron T380 Hoverboard

Swagtron T380 Hoverboard

The T380 is fully UL2272 certified, ensuring excellent battery charging and efficiency. Riders weighing up to 220 pounds (100 kilograms) will charge their boards in as little as 2-3 hours. Spend less time tethered to an outlet and more time traveling.

The T380 is SWAGTRON’s newest hoverboard, with revised hardware from the company’s wildly successful T3 hoverboard. Get on board, get going, and remain level thanks to the T380’s internal self-balancing technology.

Upgraded dual 250W motors have all the power you need to explore your world for miles.


Key Features:

  • Multi-Mode Riding:
The multi-mode riding functionality is an AMAZING feature on the Swagtron t380 hoverboard model.

The following are the three riding modes available on this hoverboard:

Learning mode Standard mode Advanced mode You won’t have any problems riding on the t380 pink Swagtron hoverboard for the Learning Mode if you’re an experienced or novice level operator.

By pressing a button, you can switch from Standard Mode to Learning Mode. When the learning mode is turned on, the computer is tailored to your specific needs.

At the same time, advanced riders can activate Advanced Mode and Implement the stunts of their choice.

  • Motor Power:
The Swagtron Swag Board Elite Hoverboard is powered by a 250W motor with gear stabilization for better traction.

This motor is powered by a single high-performance Lithium-ion battery (UL2272 certified), which not only improves charging and battery life but also improves performance.

  • Indicator Lights:
The battery indicator lights are located in the middle of the footpads on this hoverboard model. This indicator allows you to check the battery’s remaining life.

As a result, you can figure out how many more hours you can travel with the remaining fee. Furthermore, there is an indicator that displays some vital data, allowing you to track the overall system in a matter of seconds.

  • UL 2272 Certification:
The UL-2272 certification is included with the Swagtron t380  hoverboard. It means that UL has checked all of the samples of this hoverboard model. As a result, it has the UL-2272 certification.

  • Carrying Strap:
This device’s built-in carrying strap allows you to easily transport it anywhere you want. Furthermore, if the hoverboard sends you a low-battery signal, you should stop riding right there.

Then, using the carrying strap, take it back to your house.

  • Speed and Performance:
When it comes to speed and efficiency, the Swagtron t380 pink hoverboard can easily outperform all of its competitors. This hoverboard model has a top speed of up to 8 miles per hour,  which I think is incredible.

When this unit is fully charged, you can expect to enjoy a trip covering a maximum distance of 11 miles. I’m at a loss for words to explain the hoverboard’s Efficiency.

Because of the upgraded motor, pro riders will find the Swagtron t380  hoverboard to be quite effective.

  • Self Balancing Technology:
This hoverboard has the most up-to-date self-balancing technology, making it the best hoverboard for beginners.

At the same time, because of the self-balancing technology, your children will find this hoverboard to be really user-friendly.

This unique technology allows you to remain level on the hoverboard’s footpads without dropping to the ground.

  • Bluetooth Speakers:
The built-in Bluetooth speakers pair with your smartphone and produce decently loud and clear sound as you cruise around your neighborhood on your skateboard.

  • App Enabled:
One of the best aspects of this hoverboard model is that it is app-enabled. You can easily monitor the riding mode of this hoverboard with the aid of the App on your smartphone.

To use the app, go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and search for Swagtron. Then you must download the app to your phone in order to use your mobile as a hoverboard remote controller.

  • The platform has been upgraded.
  • In the middle, there are additional indicator lights.
  • The motor has been upgraded to 250W.
  • Gear stabilization is turned on.
  • High-end construction.
  • Strap for carrying.
  • Riding in several modes.
  • I’m not a rider who enjoys going off-road.
  • Not waterproof.

Why we should choose this?

The Swagtron T380 is a well-rounded board that excels in nearly every category, including speed, range, and extra features. As a result, we recommend this board to everyone from children to teenagers to adults. With all of the extra features, such as Bluetooth speakers, this hoverboard is ideal for anyone looking for a dependable hoverboard with value-for-money output and features.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Swagtron T380 Hoverboard?

  • Motor:
Obviously, the more efficient your hoverboard’s electric motors are, the more you can get out of it. A 250-watt motor is adequate, but a dual motor with each 250-watt motor would provide significantly more power.

This can result in increased pace and overall efficiency. The more powerful the engine, the better.

  • Mobile Application:
Choosing a hoverboard with a dedicated smartphone app is also a wise option.

In some ways, the hoverboard’s best feature is its mobile application, which allows you to monitor the device, check diagnostics, update software, modify the flashing lights, change the speed, and switch on the anti-theft alarm.

  • Battery:
In a product that also offers the pace you want, look for a model with a long battery life that supports an impressive run time and battery indicators.

A smart battery management system is also included on some boards, which controls and protects the battery.

  • Range:
In order to get the most out of your purchase, look for the widest variety possible. With a large range and quick charging times, you will spend less time waiting and more time going places.

A range of 9-12 miles is ideal.

  • UL 2272 Certification:
When buying a new hoverboard, the most important consideration is protection. Hoverboards were known to catch fire a few years ago,  and the industry has since done the responsible thing and made them much safer.

First and foremost, any hoverboard you purchase should have UL 2272 certification. It has passed all safety checks and has all of the safety features you need to ride without issue if it is UL-approved.

  • Tyre Size:
When it comes to self-balancing scooters, Tyre size is another critical factor. They are available in various sizes. Smaller Tyres would suffice if you just want to walk around the city on the sidewalk.

If you want to do more and go “off-road,” you’ll need bigger Tyres that can accommodate a wider range of terrain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Swagtron T350's charge last?
Truly, the charge of the Swagtron t380 hoverboard’s battery is heavily influenced by your riding style. A full charge will last up to 2-3 hours if you ride aggressively. However, if you ride this hoverboard at a constant speed, the maximum charge will last up to 4 hours.
What is the lifespan of a Swagtron hoverboard?
The Swagtron T380 has a battery life of about 8 miles per hour. It is determined by your weight and the manner in which you ride it. Hoverboards usually have a range of 7 to 12 miles. 7 miles is a long distance for an average person to travel on a hoverboard.
Which Swagtron hoverboard is the best?
Swagtron presently has a broad range of hoverboard models available on the market. Take a look at the top-rated Swagtron hoverboard models to find the right one. This will assist you in obtaining the PERFECT Swagtron.
What's the deal with my SwagTron hoverboard's constant beeping?
When the hoverboard senses that the surface it is on, or the hoverboard platform itself, is inclined backward or forward by more than 15 degrees, or whether the hoverboard is sitting on an incline of more than 30 degrees, the beeping will occur automatically.
Try transferring your Hoverboard to a smooth, flat surface. What are the pros and cons of Swagtron hoverboards?
Swagtron is considered to be one of the most prominent brands in the hoverboard industry. Swagtron has a wide variety of hoverboard models with appealing features and functions as of this date. You should look at top-rated Swagtron hoverboards to get a good idea of the QUALITY of Swagtron hoverboard models.

The Swagtron T380 Self-Balancing Scooter has a pleasant appearance and can go up to 8 miles per hour. The company has not produced a hoverboard carry bag because the carrying strap in this self-balancing scooter is a pro feature. Although it looks cool when carried that way, a carry bag would have made things a lot simpler (making your hands free). Furthermore, The improved motor with gear stabilization, on the other hand, makes the ride much smoother and gives you the feeling of being in control.  This hoverboard is a good budget option for both kids and adults, and it will provide you with a complete experience of riding a self-balancing scooter. Anyway, Explore the beautiful park experience. Travel around town in a car. Take a stroll in your neighborhood. The T380 will take your adventure to the next level! Take care and have fun!

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