EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter to buy in 2022

EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter to buy in 2023

Ever felt like you don’t want to walk, but have no other choice? A self-balancing scooter, popularly known as a hoverboard, is the answer to your problem. It works as your transporter, and takes you from one place to another, while you have fun balancing yourself.

A self-balancing scooter comes with two motorized wheels, which are connected to articulate pads. The pad is the place where you put your feet, and then control the speed.

The best way to control speed is by leaning forward, and when you lean backward, the self-balancing scooter slows down. This hoverboard was created in 2013, and the volume manufacturing started in 2014.

EPIGKO has made such a self-balancing scooter, with amazing features!

EPIKGO Self-Balancing Scooter

EPIKGO Sport Balance Board Self Balance Scooter Hover Balancing Board

Before talking about the product itself, it is best to talk about the brand. EPIKGO is based in Silicon Valley. It has come up with balance board technology and has pushed boundaries in doing so.

They maintain a high safety standard to keep their customer safe. The company makes sure that whatever product they are supplying in the market, is fully tested for safety and performance.

 Foot Space 

Not everyone has small feet or requires small foot space. This model of a hoverboard has made sure that the user can extend the foot space, making the ride more stable for them.

They can sophistically control the board, compared to other boards, because they can extend the foot space.

If the person feels comfortable with riding the hoverboard, because it is spacious, then they will have a good time riding it.


Compared to other hoverboards, this one has more power. The dual motors installed are 400W, and it fulfills a person’s need for speed.

The faster a hoverboard is, the more fun a person will have. They can accelerate the speed of the hoverboard, and even drive it around.


The size of the wheels is very important for the customer. This is because, if the wheels are small, then they won’t perform as well as larger wheels do.

EPIKGO’s self-balancing hoverboard wheels are 30% greater than other wheels.

 Safe for Riding 

The most important thing a user looks for in a self-balancing hoverboard is that it keeps them safe. When hoverboards were first launched, there are many incidents of houses encountering fire because of hoverboards, and many had to be called back.

However, some brands invest in the quality of hoverboards, and EPIKGO is one of them. This self-balancing scooter has a certification of UL 2272, which means that it is safe to ride.

It won’t overheat or result in a short circuit because it has been properly tested.

 Going Higher 

When you buy this product, then you can reach more heights. This hoverboard can take you through slopes, which are over 18 degrees.

This is an entertaining feature and what most customers are looking for in their hoverboards.


The hoverboard is easy to carry around, and you can take it anywhere. It is an all-terrain hoverboard, which means you can use it in the comfort of your own home, and no puddles, sand, dirt or grass can stop it.

Most hoverboards dig deep when customers use them in puddles or sand, but this hoverboard is different. The manufacturers have made sure that the customer can have fun, regardless of where they are.

The thing that sets apart this product from the others is that it addresses the safety concerns that most customers have when they are using a hoverboard.

The certificate assures the user that their hoverboard is not going to have any electrical hazards or catch fire.


To know more about the product, it is best to know about its size and other important specifications. The product weighs 30 pounds, which is pretty light considering it is a hoverboard.

If the customer wants to take it from one place to another, then he won’t face any problems.


The dimensions of the product are 23×7.5x7inches. It has a UL 2271 Certified Battery, along with Intelligent Protection. The tires of the self-balancing scooter are 8.5 inches.

These tires work on all terrains, and they have passed the 159-Point safety test, which is why it is UL 2272 certified.

 Body Frame 

The body frame of the scooter is made of aluminum alloy, and this assures the customer of the product’s durability. It even has an IP56 waterproof certification, so you don’t have to worry about the scooter getting damaged if it gets wet.


The price of this item is $599.99 on Amazon. If someone wants to get bike knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards as protective gear with this hoverboard, then they will have to pay $21.99 more.

The maximum weight limit of the hoverboard is 240 pounds. The minimum weight limit of the hoverboard is 44 pounds. It has fast charging technology, as you can charge it for 2 hours, and then use it until the battery lasts. The recommended age of the product is 13+.


Perhaps, the only visible drawback of this hoverboard is that it is available in only one color; black. Not everyone would like to have their hoverboard in black color.

  • The hoverboard can ride well on concrete, as well as grass
  • Even if a person is above 200 pounds, they can still easily ride this hoverboard
  • It is very sturdy and very durable
  • Perfect for those, who don’t want to walk because of pain in the ankles
  • A few customers experienced fatigue when they were riding this machine
  • The programming or operating system of the hoverboard can become unstable at times, or face issues
  • A few customers complained about the board breaking, after only a few months of its use

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Final Verdict:

This is a really good hoverboard, with only a few drawbacks. Customers should try this band out, because it manufactures quality products, and won’t disappoint the customer.

Buy this, if you want to have fun around, without feeling tired or walking.

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