Jolege Self Balancing Hoverboard Review

Jolege Self Balancing Hoverboard Review

Self-balancing Jolege Built-in Bluetooth speakers are offered on the hoverboard. While riding the hoverboard includes built-in LED lights that can change colours. It has two 300W motors and can reach a top speed of 7.5 miles per hour.


It has a fantastic self-balancing system. It has undergone a standard safety test known as UL 2272. This approved safety standard ensures the safety of all electrical components and systems, both indoors and out.


It is quite popular among youngsters because of its wonderful design and delightful characteristics, and it is the greatest present for any child or adult.

Jolege Self balancing Hoverboard

Jolege Self balancing Hoverboard

Every day, technology advances, and the greatest and safest hoverboards are now available on the market. One of them is the Jolege hoverboard. This hoverboard is a big monster that attracts a lot of attention in the industry.

It comes with Bluetooth speakers & LED lights for a more comfortable riding experience which is also eye-catching.

Features of the Product

Power and range:

It can reach a top speed of 7.5 mph and a range of 15 kilometers, depending on the type of terrain and rider’s weight, thanks to its two 300-watt strong motors. It takes about 2-3 hours to charge this hoverboard, after which you may go for a drive.

Carrying capacity:

The maximum weight capacity of this hoverboard is 220 pounds. Bumpers are also used to protect the wheels. If you are overweight, your body will send frightening signals that may upset you.

Self-balancing technology:

This hoverboard is suitable for everyone, whether a youngster or an adult. Self-balancing technology also ensures the safety and provides a smooth and enjoyable ride. It can move straight and rotate 360 degrees.

Additional features:

This board also comes with Bluetooth speakers and LED lights for a more comfortable riding experience which is also eye-catching.


Jolege is a hoverboard firm located in the United States with the same objective as the other companies: to supply high-quality, low-cost hoverboards to their customers.

Because safety is their primary concern, they have put their hoverboard through 159 rigorous tests to qualify for the UL2272 national safety standard.


It won’t set you back more than $200. As a result, you can get a hoverboard for under $200. In addition, when it comes to hoverboards, this is Amazon’s pick. This hoverboard comes in six distinct color options.


Jolege also has a limited-time guarantee, which means that if you receive a defective product from them, they will exchange it or refund your money without any arguing.

  • It has a long battery life and is also safe.
  • It can withstand a lot of weight.
  • It’s simple to drive.
  • It’s simple to balance.
  • Bluetooth speakers.
  • Children and the elderly alike enjoy it.
  • It only takes a short amount of time to master.
  • The pricing is affordable.
  • LED lights.
  • Not for all terrines.

Why do I like it?

Nonetheless, I am confident that you would enjoy it. The board becomes faster, lighter, more versatile, and capable of running for longer when the rider weight is reduced. At its current pricing, the Jolege Hoverboard would be an excellent deal.

 Buyer’s guide: 

  • Safety:

The first thing you should look for in your hoverboard is to make sure it's safe and won't cause fire-catching problems. As a result, only buy a hoverboard that has the exact UL 2771/2772 certificate.

A hoverboard with these certificates has passed security tests and has corrosion and battery life combustion precautions.

  • Age requirement:

The minimum age requirement for many hoverboards and self-balancing scooters is 8. Although a one-year-old is expected to be able to drive a hoverboard with ease, the consumer's ability will be the most important factor.

Even so, it's recommended that you don't let your children ride hoverboards alone, especially if they're under the age of eight.

  • Batteries:

Attempt to find hoverboards that can provide at least 10-12 miles for the whole cost of the hoverboard. Furthermore, the best hoverboards should be fully charged in 3-4 hours.

It's important to remember that charging your hoverboard right away can lead to the development of defects in the electric system and batteries.

  • Tyres:

If you're looking for a hoverboard for your child, look for hoverboards with 6.5-inch tires, since they will be simpler for your child to maneuver and operate. If the hoverboard is to be utilized outside, the tires should be larger.

  • Weight:

The most important factor to consider when purchasing a hoverboard for your child is the hoverboard's weight loss. You should look for a lightweight hoverboard that your child can carry by themselves and won't tire out transporting.

Although there isn't always a minimum and maximum weight that has been indicated, keep an eye on your hoverboards for minimum and maximum loads.

  • Cost:

Consider how much money you're willing to invest in the hoverboard you're planning to buy. Prices differ greatly from one model to the next and from one manufacturer to the next. However, we recommend looking for hoverboards from reputable and well-known brands.

  • Charging time:

It's worth noting that charging times range between brands, with the better ones typically taking less time. If you have something scheduled for your next day's ride, you should have your hoverboard ready ahead of time because it will take 2 to 2.5 hours to fill up the energy.

  • Wheel size:

The regular hoverboard wheel has a diameter of 6.5 inches, which is ideal for a newbie to grip. Eight or even ten-inch wheels are recommended for riding on the more difficult ground such as steep terrains or grassy sections.


While these are useful on rough surfaces, you should keep in mind that they are tough to ride indoors. Choose the six-inch wheel for riding on flat ground or starting to ride.

  • Price:

Before purchasing anything, it is self-evident that you will first consider your budget and then draw a line. It can cost as much as $1000 or as little as $300. The type of product you get at various price points varies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is the Jolege hoverboard a good choice?
Another hoverboard with outstanding features at a reasonable price is the Jolege Hoverboard. It is simple to drive and can attain speeds of up to 12 kilometers per hour. It’s incredible what you can get for next to nothing these days.
Are they self-contained? Is it safe to ride a hoverboard?
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of the United States concluded in February 2016 that no hoverboard presently on the market in the United States can be found to be safe until it passes revised safety requirements. Before being sold, these scooters must first be certified by UL.
Is it safe to ride a hoverboard in 2021?
Hoverboards, however, come with their own set of dangers. They have the potential to burn up, resulting in fire and deadly injury. Before you ride or charge your hoverboard, be sure it’s not on the recall list.
When it comes to hoverboards, how long do they last?
Depending on how well you care for your hoverboard, it can last for years. Some hoverboards do not require routine maintenance, but if used appropriately, they can last 3 to 5 years.
How much weight do you need to drive a hoverboard?
The majority of hoverboards have a 44-pound minimum weight limitation (20 kg).
Is it true that hoverboards are waterproof?
While all hoverboards aren’t waterproof, some of them are water resistant to some degree. They may be able to ride in light rain, while others may be able to ride through a few small pools of water we still advise staying away from water in general to avoid damage.


Because of a variety of variables, the Jolege Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooters are one of the most popular goods on the market. It has the most stunning appearance.

The hoverboard frame’s graphic print design complements the CHO Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard’s remarkable and gorgeous appearance.


This one provides excellent value for money and is offered at a reasonable price. I strongly recommend this hoverboard and would advise you to purchase it without hesitation.

Enjoy your ride with this amazing hoverboard!

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