Trendy & Cool Style Segway Mini Lite

Trendy & Cool Style Segway Mini Lite

Check out this Trendy & Cool Style Segway Mini Lite! For those who complain about how technology is making everyone lazy, need to experience a ride on a scooter once.

If they are able to ride a scooter and move from one place to another with ease, they will stop complaining.

Those who use a scooter to have fun and travel miles are not lazy, but they are trying something new and just having fun at a fast pace.

Parents usually don’t buy their kids scooters, because they feel it is not safe for them. However, there are proper instruction manuals for kids and teenagers to learn how to ride a scooter.Trendy & Cool Style Segway Mini Lite They can even learn about scooters from online videos, how to ride them, and what precautions to take. For children, parents can buy helmets and even kneecaps, so that even I they speed up and fall down, they won’t get hurt too much.

When buying scooters for a child or a teenager, make sure that you buy a cool design. Even though children and teenagers love scooters, because it gives them freedom, they also pay attention to the design of the scooter.


Segway is known for its personal line of transportation vehicles. Customers are able to experience the future, by moving around with ease. This is a genuine scooter, with top-notch technology.

The two-wheel scooter technology that Segway manufactures is durable and trusted by customers. This is because of the quality product that the brand produces, and is known for.

This product is a smart self-balancing electric transporter, available in white color. The scooter has a very road-adaptive design. It has air-filled tires, along with 1400 watts of engine power, which enables the scooter to overcome different slopes and debris.

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MiniLite is a very lightweight and portable scooter, which is easy to manipulate. It has a detachable knee control bar, making it easier for people to take the scooter to tight spaces.

When you buy this scooter, you are basically buying a high-speed transportation vehicle. It has three times more speed than walking and can reach the speed of 10 MPH.

However, the speed also depends on the weight and height of the person. If you charge it once, then the scooter will cover a distance of 11 miles.

The best part of this scooter is its mobile app. With the help of a mobile app, you will be able to understand how to ride safely and customize the rear LED lights of the scooter. You can read vehicle diagnostics and adjust the sensitivity of the steering, as well as speed control.

If you are riding in the evening or at night time, then customizable LED taillights are going to be a huge help to you. Whether it is raining or there is low visibility, you will be able to see the rear.

The scooter gives a very intuitive riding experience to the customer. They can learn how to ride in minutes, with precision. This is mainly because of the sensors installed on the scooter, and the knee control bar.

The scooter gives you maximum riding comfort, which lowers the risk of the user feeling fatigue. When you can ride comfortably, then you can have more fun during the ride.


There are two types of scooters; mini pro and mini Lite. The specifications of each type are different.


The total engine power of the miniPro is 1600 watts, and the max range it can travel is 12.5 miles. The steering bar of miniPro is adjustable, and the max weight you can put on it is 220 lbs.

It comes with headlights, and its frame is made of aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame. The guide bar of the scooter is extendable, and it has an anti-theft control system.

It even has an unmanned control system, and its max speed is 10 mph.

 Mini Lite 

The total engine power of this version is 1400 watts, which is less than the Pro version. The max range that the scooter can travel to after one charge is 11 miles.

However, the steering bar is not adjustable, and the maximum weight you can put on it is 176 lbs. It doesn’t come with any headlights, the frame is not made of magnesium alloy, and it doesn’t have a guide bar either.

The scooter doesn’t have an anti-theft control or unmanned control system, and the max speed of the scooter is 10 mph.

The dimensions of this product are 23x12x18 inches. It weighs 28 pounds, and it comes with 1 CR2 battery, which is required for the product to function.

  • The product has customizable taillights
  • It is a very stable scooter and riders will have a lot of fun
  • The customer service of Segway is pretty good
  • Some customers feel that the scooter should support more weight
  • The height of the steering knee pads is not adjustable
  • The instructions in the manual are not very clear

Final Verdict:

If you want to buy a good scooter for your child, then buying miniPro would be the right decision. It has multiple benefits and features that Mini Lite doesn’t have. Moreover, this scooter is not very expensive and would make a perfect gift for the holidays.

It is best to be with children and teenagers when they first start riding a scooter until they are good enough to balance themselves on it. Most teenagers become reckless when they receive a gift, and it would be a good idea to keep an eye on them.

When buying a scooter as a gift, it is best to look for something cool and colorful. Most teenagers like black scooters, because it makes them feel cool, while children would want something with cartoon characters or a scooter that has multi-colors in it.

Such mini-scooters are a great way to have fun. So, if you want to buy a quality product, then you should consider Segway mini Lite or miniPro. This is a trendy and cool scooter, and will surely please children or teenagers when you buy this gift for them.

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