Best Skateboard Wrist Guards

Best Skateboard Wrist Guards

Wrist fractures are one of the most often and serious injuries in skateboarding. Because the hands and arms are always bent to prevent a crash, and the wrist is the only portion of the body that absorbs the force of the damage and bears the brunt of the impact.

Wrist guards for skateboarding are a must-have piece of safety equipment. They absorb shock and prevent the wrists from harm during accidents.

Nevertheless, in order to enjoy the benefits of these guards, you must choose the ones that will provide the most safety.

However, When skating, it’s essential to stay safe. We’re going over the top ten finest wrist guards for skating today, whether you’re riding a standard skateboard or an electric skateboard.

These skate wrist guards reduce the power of contact when crashing, resulting in fewer and much less serious skating accidents.

We will also go through buying tips and frequently asked questions in this article.

10 Best Skateboard Wrist Guards 

Top Pick

187 Killer Pads Wrist Guard


Three adjustable straps for a stronger gripCheck On Amazon

Triple Eight Skateboarding Wrist Guard


Double-stitching protects from damageCheck On Amazon

Hillbilly Wrist Guard


Durable leather on various partsCheck On Amazon

Flauto Wrist Guard


The nude back design keeps the palms cool.Check On Amazon

CTHOPER Impact Wrist Guard


A tight fit and a comfy formCheck On Amazon

Hillbilly Full Finger Wrist Guard


Full-finger design for various stuntsCheck On Amazon

BOSONER Wrist Guards


Extra thick ABS splints for maximum safetyCheck On Amazon

Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards


Competition-level durable designCheck On Amazon

2 PM TOOLS Wrist Guards


Leather material for extra protectionCheck On Amazon

Bodyprox Wrist Guards


Thumbs and fingers are freeCheck On Amazon

187 Killer Pads Wrist Guard

187 Killer Pads Wrist Guard

When it comes to safety skateboarding protection, almost every expert skater will admit that the 187 Killer Pads Wrist Guard is always a top selection.

These wrist guards include extra-thick splints that secure the base of hands by minimizing the pressure.

These wristbands include three adjustable straps that keep them in place on the rider’s hands. These straps are made of industrial-grade cloth, so they’ll last a long time.

Furthermore, I believe that the 3-strap design of this brand properly balances the pressure from wrist to fingers, resulting in a stronger grip.


Another feature I enjoy about this skating wrist protection is its slightly curved form. It keeps hands in a relaxed position by not forcing them to go straight.

Your wrists and hands will get less tired as a result, and even you will be able to move more freely on a skateboard.

The distinctive hole cuts on these roller derby wrist protectors are another feature that makes them comfortable to wear.

Unlike other brands, which have five finger holes, this one only has one for the thumb and two for the rest of my fingers.

Hands move more freely with these, and palms sweat less than on other wrist pads.

But, The Velcro tapes were the only problem I had with this product. The Velcro straps’ unused sides usually catch the garments, which is annoying.

To keep them away from my clothes, I had to apply tape.

Key Features
  • High-quality splints to lessen the damage.
  • Straps are made of industrial-grade cloth.
  • Three adjustable straps for a stronger grip.
  • Long-lasting
  • The design is tilted for extra comfort.
  • Unique hole cuts for less sweating.
  • Clothes are scratched by Velcro straps.

Why We Choose This product:

In many ways, these wrist protectors are remarkable. They efficiently protect me from skateboard accidents and are comfy to wear. So, I recommend that you should give it a try to enjoy your ride.

Triple Eight Skateboarding Wrist Guard

Triple Eight Skateboarding Wrist Guard

Stitching is one of the features that make Triple Eight’s Skateboarding Wrist Guard reliable. All of the lines on these guards are double-stitched to keep the entire construction strong.

As a result, I’m convinced that the fabric, cushion, and the other components of the pads will endure a long time.

Nevertheless, The impact-resistant and replaceable ABS plastic splints are another prominent characteristic of these wrist supports.

I love how easy it is to remove and replace these pieces whenever I want if they damage or wear out.

EVA cushioning is another feature that helps these wrist protectors absorb shock. These foam pieces provide enough coverage over wrists and palms.

This padding also offers hands a cuddling sense, which will make you feel more at ease.

Additionally, This Triple Eight wrist pad has only one strap, unlike some other wrist pad models. However, this strap is large and sturdy enough to keep the pads in place.

These wrist protectors, which are made of thick neoprene and with an adjustable hook and loop strap, stay in place no matter how much you move.

On the negative side, one of the pads I ordered was damaged, which I believe was due to a manufacturing defect. My new pair, on the other hand, was in excellent condition.

Key Features
  • Made of thick neoprene.
  • Double-stitching protects from damage.
  • Long-lasting fabric.
  • ABS splints for shock resistance.
  • EVA cushioning to absorb damage.
  • Foam cushioning covers the hands and wrists.
  • A large and sturdy strap keeps the pad in place.
  • One of the wrist pads was damaged when it came.

Why We Choose This product:

Even with the damage they had when I got them, Triple 8 wrist guards are some of the most durable I’ve ever owned. For me, this appears to be long-term equipment.

Hillbilly Wrist Guard

Hillbilly Wrist Guard

The Hillbilly Wrist Guard is a top-tier skating wrist guard with a durable construction that can be used for mountainboarding and skateboarding.

This alternative has sturdy construction with leather on various parts. And because leather is a tough material, I’m sure you’ll be able to take these guards with me everywhere you go.

However, For me, these wrist pads are likewise a good fit. They have soft padding on the inside to absorb the stress of skating. The foam inside also covers the finger openings, which I appreciate.

As a result, your hands will always be at ease in the wrist guards.

These wrist protectors’ fingerless design is also a benefit, in my opinion. Unlike closed skateboard wrist guard pads, which can get hot, this pad is designed to be airy.

Half-finger gloves also provide the rider a little more freedom to move about on the board.

Furthermore, Another feature of this company that I admire is its affordability. Although it isn’t the cheapest brand on the market, a pair like this should last more than a year, which is a plus.

The plastic support on these hand pads for skating makes it tough to handle the remote of an electric skateboard, which isn’t much of a negative.

Key Features
  • Durable leather on various parts.
  • Wrists are tightly fitted.
  • Soft inside padding to absorb shocks.
  • The foam inside covers finger openings.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Fingerless design for breathability.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • The remote control is difficult due to the plastic structure.

Why We Choose This product:

Despite this, I am pleased with the wrist protection provided by Hillbilly wrist guard gloves. The insides are soft, and the arrangement of the cushions will keep your hands cool.

As a result, you will not regret purchasing it.

Flauto Wrist Gaur 

Flauto Wrist Gaur 

I came upon the Flauto Wrist Guard when looking for airy wrist guards. The nude back pattern of these wrist guards keeps the opposite side of the palm dry and cool.

It also includes interior cushions that cover hands while also absorbing sweat. And as a result, palms get constantly at ease and well-protected.

However, The ABS plastic shell is the second feature of this skateboard wrist protection that I admire.

This piece of high-quality plastic extends from the wrist to the palm, which is where the majority of hits occur.

It’s long-lasting and adapts perfectly to the contour of hands. It also doesn’t feel difficult or put any pressure on the wrist.

These wrist guards are light and simple in appearance. In fact, their design allows for wearing a fitness wristwatch.

Unlike other wrist guards that feel and look heavy to wear, this pair can provide excellent protection without requiring you to lift any weight.

Moreover, These guards can also be used for other activities other than skateboarding. In addition to inline skating, this Flauto pair can be used for snowboarding, motocross, roller skating, and a few other outdoor sports.

They’re similar to my Ennui wrist guards, which are both safe and adaptable.

I believe the stitching might be improved. Nonetheless, it was effective enough to keep the guards in place and protect my hands.

Key Features
  • The nude back design keeps the palms cool.
  • Interior cushions absorb sweat.
  • ABS plastic for maximum safety.
  • Long-lasting
  • Can be worn with a watch.
  • Ideal for other outdoor sports.
  • The stitching might be improved.

Why We Choose This product:

These wrist guards offer the most flexibility in terms of appearance and type of sport. They’re a terrific fit for your hands, and when you will wear them; you will always feel safe.

CTHOPER Impact Wrist Guard

CTHOPER Impact Wrist Guard

The CTHOPER Impact Wrist Guard is one of the alternatives that provide the ideal combination of airflow and wrist safety.

The open backside of these skateboard wrist guards allows enough air to travel through. In addition, an ABS plastic cover goes from wrist to palm in the front.

As a result, hands do not feel heavy and are also protected by these.

Moreover, Another feature of these wrist guards’ design that I admire is their form. This one is a tight fit, unlike other brands that go against the shape of the palm. It also gives enough room for palms and wrists.

Cushioning is another feature that helps the wrist guards’ excellent protection and comfort. The EVA foam in the CTHOPER is comfortable and absorbs adequate force and pressure, particularly when the rider falls off my skateboard.

Furthermore, There are foams behind the straps, which is even better. That means you will no longer be bothered by these bands. They’re not only comfortable and lightweight to wear, but they’re also simple to transport.

In the package, each pair of wrist guards comes with its own mesh bag. That way, riders will be able to easily transport them. Furthermore, you can keep them separate from some of your skateboarding kits.

After using these, the straps, on the other hand, were a little short for me. An inch of the strap covering the opposite Velcro tapes would give me more confidence. Despite this, I can easily lock them in my hands.

Key Features
  • Breathable design with an open back.
  • ABS plastic cover for better protection.
  • A tight fit and a comfy form.
  • EVA foam for shock resistance.
  • It comes with a mesh bag for easy storage.
  • Easy to transport.
  • The straps are a little too short.

Why We Choose This product:

This pair does not have a full sleeve or a closed-finger wrist pad, but it does provide adequate protection. I enjoy wearing these guards because they are light and comfortable to wear and best to use them to enjoy your skate.

Hillbilly Full Finger Wrist Guard

Hillbilly Full Finger Wrist Guard

Hillbilly Full Finger Wrist Guard is one of the finest heavy-duty skateboard gloves. Leather is used in many parts of the Hillbilly wrist guard gloves, including the finger joints, palms, between the fingers, and around the wrists.

Because of these features, this wrist protection gear is less likely to wear out.

Furthermore, Another quality of these wristguards that I enjoy is their style. When the rider does tricks that allow them to hold the board in the air or swipe the ground, this pair comes in handy.

Therefore, the rider will be protected from cuts and scratches while performing stunts.

These Hillbilly wrist guard gloves include three wide straps, all of which are made of high-quality Velcro tape. As a result, they not only appear to be solid but also stable in their hands.

Additionally, I enjoy the fabric on the entire glove, in addition to the leather portions of these wrist guards. It’s high-quality and won’t wear out quickly.

These two factors, combined with the padding on the pads, will make you feel at ease when using them.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend using these pads if you plan on getting your hands wet. I once got caught in the rain while wearing these, and all I had left were black-dyed hands after removing them.

Key Features
  • High-quality leather for additional safety.
  • High-quality Velcro tape.
  • Lond-lasting fabric.
  • Straps with Velcro tape for perfect tip.
  • Full-finger design for various stunts.
  • After using, color wet hands black.

Why We Choose This product:

In terms of performance, I enjoy utilizing these wrist pads while skating or performing stunts. Furthermore, because this wrist pad protects every corner of my hand, I feel secure relying on it.

BOSONER Wrist Guards

BOSONER Wrist Guards


Many users have trouble fitting their skating gear, which is why I believe the BOSONER Wrist Guards could be the perfect option.

This brand has a detailed sizing chart and sizes for riders of all ages. As a result, I’ve never had trouble finding the ideal fit for me.

In addition, This wrist support has one of the trendiest designs. The cushions of these pads have a mesh cover in addition to a nude back arrangement.

This system makes air travel while maintaining the highest level of wrist safety. Your hands will sweat less than usual as a result of this, and the guards don’t look bulky due to wetness.

These wrist guards are adaptable in addition to being compatible with different types of customers. You can get the ideal size for your hands by adjusting the straps and Velcro tape.

The straps are also long-lasting, so there’s no need to be concerned about them wearing out quickly.

Furthermore, It includes a large plastic splint that is designed to fit your palm. These ABS splints too are extra-thick and strong enough to cover your hands from the accident.

Wearing wrist protectors such as these is like putting on a bulky, stiff hand expansion.

This pair came with scratch marks, according to one client. It’s not a big deal, in my perspective, because this is an uncommon occurrence, and customers always can replace the defective item.

Key Features
  • Detailed sizing chart and sizes for riders of all ages.
  • Extra thick ABS splints for maximum safety.
  • Nude back arrangement.
  • Long-lasting
  • It’s an ideal fit.
  • Mesh cover on pads allows air to flow easily.
  • Straps with Velcro tape are long-lasting.
  • Scuff marks are possible.

Why We Choose This product:

I suggest these wrist guards because the sturdy appearance of these wrist pads attracts me. They function nicely, and I appreciate the fact that they keep hands almost dry during trips.

Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards

Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards

The Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards are ideal for a variety of outdoor activities and offer a competition-level durable design that most expert skateboarders prefer.

Pro-blend Tec’s tough material and waterproof nylon offer plenty of safety and stability. Most importantly, I feel these elements to be soft enough to allow me to move freely.

Even better, The design of these wrist protectors is the next best thing. When I wore them, they proved to be high-quality full-sleeve wrist guards.

They have a good grip on hands and wrists, and the straps are broad enough to lock them in place.

Moreover, For me, the flexible Velcro straps are also a plus. The Velcro on these wrist pads is almost as long as the wrist pads themselves.

They extend from the back of a hand to the joint in the wrist. The wrist guards are safer with these, and I don’t have to bother with hooks to attach the straps.

The plastic splints don’t seem to be as wide as my other wrist protectors. It’s the identical problem I read about on Reddit. Nonetheless, the remainder of its components provides further safety.

Key Features
  • Competition-level durable design.
  • Made of waterproof nylon material.
  • High-quality full-sleeve wrist guards.
  • Offers a variety of sports.
  • No restrictions on movements.
  • Thick straps that fit perfectly around wrists.
  • Long, flexible Velcro tape attached to wrists.
  • Plastic splints are not large like other brands.

Why We Choose This product:

Basically, I consider these wristguards to be one of the safest pairs I’ve ever had. The straps are flexible thanks to the Velcro tape. I am sure you will enjoy your ride with these wristguards.

2 PM TOOLS Wrist Guards

2 PM TOOLS Wrist Guards


2 PM is one of my favorite wrist guards. The leather material on the corners of TOOLS’ Wrist Guards is a unique feature.

This leather extends all the way around the wrist guard and around the joints of the finger holes. I’m confident that the stitches and pads will not break easily with them.

Best of all, The padding on this wrist pad is what makes it stand out. It features EVA foam for shock absorption; however, it does not cover the wrist guard’s entire body.

It’s in the ideal spot on the palm, where the majority of crashes happen. This design is remarkable since it keeps the wrist pads and hands from looking big.

The two strips of protecting splints on this skateboard wrist protection are another unusual feature. These parts can be found on both sides of the gear.

You will get good shock protection with these two strips. In addition, the porous fabric on the wrist pads enables more air to flow.

Additionally, The bands on these wrist protectors are a benefit in my opinion. These snatches of cloth can be found towards the wrist pad’s lower edge.

This feature isn’t available on many brands; however, these ropes make it easier for riders to put on and remove the wrist supports.

I’m not sure if other people were confused by this, but the left and right marks on these wrist pads were in the wrong places.

So, particularly for beginning customers, I think it’s a good idea to try putting these pads on both hands initially.

Key Features
  • Leather material for extra protection.
  • EVA foam for shock resistance.
  • Two protective splint strips for better safety.
  • Porous fabric allows air to flow easily.
  • The bands on pads for easy put on and take off.
  • Unique design for pads from being too big.
  • Left and right markings are incorrect.

Why We Choose This product:

I want you to try these wrist guards because of all my wrist guards, I believe 2 PM has the most basic design. But I’m glad it still provides good wrist protection, much like other high-quality wrist guards.

Bodyprox Wrist Guards

Bodyprox Wrist Guards


The Body Prox Wrist Guards, which have a unique look, are one of the options that provide the best balance of strength and weight.

These wrist pads have a neoprene cuff that is both lightweight and durable. They don’t feel fragile, and they keep your hands safe whenever you will fall.

However, The thin and smooth shape of these wrist protectors is extremely convenient. The pair offers an easy slip-on feature in addition to the silky material.

This feature allows wrist guards to be worn and removed without putting too much effort. This design also allows fingers and thumb to move freely.

A protective splint is included in addition to the high-quality appearance of this wrist pad. This element, which extends from the base of the hand to the palm, efficiently protects them from potential injuries when they fall.

Even better, With its bulky grip and cushioning, this safety gear is not only great for skateboarding, but it can also be used for other outdoor activities like snowboarding, skiing, motocross, roller skating, and other similar activities.

Although there is no practical downside to the wrist guards, I would prefer to have bought the correct pair. Firstly, the seller-provided me with two right wrist guards.

Key Features
  • Neoprene cuff makes pads durable.
  • It’s a simple slip-on for easy put on and taking off.
  • Splints cover the base and palm of the hand.
  • Thumbs and fingers are free.
  • Fit is hard.
  • Cushioning gives benefits to other sports.
  • The seller sent the incorrect pair.

Why We Choose This product:

I consider having this higher wrist protection for roller skating to be a luxury. They’re simple to put on and provide the same level of protection as other popular brands.

Buyer Guide

  • Safety:

This is the most integral part. Keep in mind that the wrist guards give sufficient protection. The quantity of padding, as well as the splint, might help to ensure this.

Padding the guards will not only make them more comfortable, but it will also provide excellent cushioning.

However, When we talk about splints, we're talking about the hard plastic component that protects you when you fall. The splint not only absorbs the stress but also transfers it to the forearms, preventing fractures to your wrist.

Plastic splints, on the other hand, do not endure very long. As a result, if it is subjected to a lot of heavy use, it may soon degrade. Metal ones are also available, although they will not absorb as much damage.

But, The best option is to get a pair that includes detachable splints. This allows you to quickly exchange them with new ones. Also, look for one with splints on the upper and lower legs for extra protection.

  • Material:

Fabric, calfskin, latex, elastic, goatskin leather, and other materials are available. You would like a material that will stay a long time and is weather-appropriate.

If it is hot outside, lightweight, airy fabrics are a good choice. For winter weather, thicker materials are preferable since they provide more safety.

Furthermore, Materials such as strong foam, carbon fiber, and even metal can be used if you want something tough. Overall, the thicker the fabric, the better the safety.

You may sweat more and lack some flexibility as a result of this exchange.

  • Design:

Various design options are appropriate for various types and levels of skateboarding. The fingerless skateboard wrist protectors are the first category.

Material that extends an inch over your wrists is standard on wrist guards. Some designs have an additional inch of finger separators, while others do not and just include a thumb hole.

Furthermore, The full-finger wrist support, which looks like a pair of skateboard gloves with wrist guards, is the second design. These pads, on the other hand, are more lasting in terms of materials.

The majority of skateboarders that utilize them do stunts that require a lot of hand-sliding on the floor or any other surface.

Moreover, Another thing to look at is the construction of your wrist pads. Some resemble ordinary sleeves with a hole for the thumb and the remaining four fingers.

Others have an open back and a plastic splint on the wrist. It's depending on you to figure out what works best for you and makes you feel comfortable.

  • Size:

Understanding the brand, you desire is a good approach to assessing the perfect wrist guard size for you, just as identifying the size of your knee pads.

Most wrist guards from multiple brands have size scale variations that can be hard to know, and this can lead to confusion.

Furthermore, You do not want to get wrist guards for children since you used the incorrect size guidance. So, look for the given details from the brands you're interested in.

Then, choose your Favorite wrist guard designs. Finally, using a soft tape measure, determine the length of your hands and wrists based on the choice you selected.

  • Straps and Velcro tapes:

It's entirely up to you whether you use long or short wrist pad straps. The same is true when examining the Velcro tapes on the pads.

In actuality, however, at least two flexible nylon straps and wide Velcro tapes provide a guarantee that the wrist pads will not collapse quickly.

  • Flexibility and fit::

When it comes to fit, you want something that is both comfortable and not too tiny or huge, because the last thing you want to see is your guard fall off at the most critical moment.

You also need a guard that doesn't limit your freedom to the point of becoming uncomfortable. The level of flexibility is determined by the type of fabric used and the region of the palm and wrist occupied.

Guards with open fingers have more mobility than guards with closed fingers.

In addition, Most wrist guards have two or three Velcro straps for a perfect fit, while others are simple to put on and take off. As a result, take some time to determine the appropriate size for your hands.

  • Shape:

You should take some to determine the proper size for your hands. you don't want a hard surface rubbing against your wrists, which is why you'll need a pair that matches your hands' shape.

  • Designed purpose:

Skateboarding, inline skating, roller derby, and even snowboarding are all activities that can give benefit from wrist protectors.

However, it's important to evaluate the brand's intended function for the gloves, as this can have an impact on your trip.

The safest wrist guards for skateboarding on the road will vary from those designed for roller derby. The length and type of palm splint may vary.

Prices may also differ, so make sure to check if the skateboard gloves are meant for a certain usage before purchasing.

  • Splint quality:

Splints are one of the most important parts of wrist guards. By holding your wrists steady and spreading the power of the hit, they protect them from harm.

They also protect you from breaking a fall with the palm of your hand.

The bulk of wrist protectors includes hard plastic splints that protect the forearm and palm and can be as long as six inches.

  • Price:

The cost of whatever you're purchasing should be taken into account. You don't want to invest more than you have to, however, you also don't want to go for the cheapest option.

A skateboard wrist guard pair will typically cost between $20 and $60. However, The price is determined by the brand name, as well as attributes such as sturdiness and versatility.

If you're a newbie who expects a training time, it's usually fair to charge a little more for the additional safety.

Reading comments to see what genuine people have to say might also help you limit your options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Should I ride with wrist protectors on?
I would say, you must. Falling is a common thing in skateboarding, and you’re likely to sustain an arm injury.

Wearing wrist protectors is therefore essential. You should not accept the risk of not wearing wrist guards when skating on pavement, especially if you are a newbie.

Is the splint's size important?
Yes, the splint’s size is important. If your hands are larger, you should resist using small-sized splints since they do not absorb the necessary amount of impact.
Are the wrist guards Scary?
It is unsafe to wear simply wrist protectors. Wrist guards are just there to keep your arms safe. The fractional danger on the shoulders still abounds.
Are wrist protectors effective in preventing injuries?
Wearing high-quality wrist protection and being cautious when falling will almost certainly protect you from a major injury.
Is it necessary to use wrist protection when skating?
Wrist guards provide protection for the wrists and may reduce the risk of a broken bone if you fall.

When you hit, your basic instinct is to put your hands out, but doing so on the pavement from a skateboard might crack your wrist.

Wrist protection may be useful, but learning to land safely is preferable.

When it comes to wrist guards, how stiff should they be?
When fastening the straps, ensure that the brace is tight enough to prevent mobility while still allowing blood to circulate freely.

You don’t want the brace to be so stiff that it prevents blood flow.

How long should a wrist brace be worn?
Wear the brace for at least 4 to 8 weeks, or until your problems have been resolved. Wearing a wrist brace at night can also help to reduce soreness and relieve nerve strain.
Are wrist protectors effective in preventing ankle injuries?
Wrist shields were created to safeguard against injuries. Some research supports the usage of wrist guards, while others point out that wrist guards may shift the harm to other parts of the forearm.

Skateboarding is a fascinating and enjoyable activity that can be enjoyed as fun or competitively. However, wrist fractures can keep you out of the game for months and prevent you from enjoying it.

Whether you’re a newbie or a professional skateboarder, you’ll need safety clothing to protect your wrists from damage and avoidable injuries in the event of an accident.


When skateboarding, wrist guards are your best protection against wrist injuries. Examine our selection of the best skate wrist guards and pick your favorite based on features and price.

But, don’t forget to order the correct size. If you’re unsure, get flexible wrist guards that can fit a variety of wrist sizes.

Lastly, prioritize quality over cost. If you skateboard regularly, you’ll want to invest in high-quality guards that will provide additional safety and endure for a long time.

Happy skateboarding!

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