Swagway X1 Hoverboard Review

Swagway X1 Hoverboard Review

The Original Swagway, also known as the Swagway X1, is the company’s cheapest and most common model.

Its weight is about 22 pounds and is 23 inches tall, with two large rubbery Tyres and a plastic housing in one of seven available colors,  just like other Chic Smart-derived scooters.


The X1 is activated by pressing a button on the back. When it is turned on, it emits a beeping sound.

Near the top, there are two lights: one that indicates that the scooter is turned on, and the other that indicates the battery status.

The battery indicator isn’t as sensitive as it should be. It’s almost always green (indicating that the battery is charged) and turns red when you’re down to around half a mile of battery life.

The default setting for the X1’s foot pedals is a little less sensitive, which is a positive thing all around.

Swagway X1 Hoverboard Review

Swagway X1 Hoverboard Review

The Swagway X1 Hands-free Self Balancing Smart Board comes with a long list of features and specifications, including:

Its weight is about 22 pounds and is 23 inches tall, with two large rubbery Tyres and a plastic housing in one of seven available colors,  just like other Chic Smart-derived scooters.

The Original Swagway, also known as the Swagway X1, is the company’s cheapest and most common model.

Swagway X1 Hoverboard Review

Swagway refers to this as Learning mode, while pressing the power button twice switches it to Performance mode, which I refer to as “uncomfortably twitchy.” The best option is to go into learning mode.

The Swagway X1 Hands-free Self Balancing Smart Board comes with a long list of features and specifications, including:

Key Features:

  • Weight Capacity:
When it comes to riding these scooters, height and weight are extremely important. People that are smaller and lighter (such as children) would have an easier time.

Since taller people have a higher center of gravity and heavier people have more inertia, power is less fluid. According to Swagway, the scooter is only suitable for people weighing 44 to 220 pounds.

  • Speed and Power:
The company claims the scooter can go up to 10 mph, but in practice,  it only goes up to around 7 mph; if you go faster, it emits occasional warning beeps and becomes more difficult to stop—although the  Swagway was still easier to slow and stop. It possesses a 200W dual motor.

  • Battery Life:
Since battery life varies greatly depending on how the scooter is used,  I tried two different methods: having a 140-pound adult ride it around a track at about 6 mph, stopping every half mile or so, and having a  70-pound child play with it for an afternoon.

The Swagway went around the track for about 7.25 miles and lasted about four hours of playtime. If you tax it at both ends, that’s enough for a one-way urban commute. It takes an hour to charge.

  • Power Adapter:
The power adapter on the Swagway gives me a lot more trust. The adapter has a current of 42 volts at 2 amps. Swagway uses a smaller,  quieter UL-certified adapter that doesn’t need a built-in fan, and the plug is more clearly labeled as to how it fits into the scooter.

  • Foot Pedals: 
The X1’s foot pedals are set to be a little less responsive by nature,  which is a good thing all around.

This is referred to as Learning mode by Swagway while pressing the  power button twice switches it to Performance mode, which I  describe as “uncomfortably twitchy.” Going into learning mode is the best choice.

  • Design:
The system is designed to last and has a nice basic but stylish design.  It has high-quality plastic details, as well as reinforced aluminum plates on the spokes, which make it scratch-resistant.

  • Wheels:
You won’t have to worry about having a flat because the Tyres are made of solid rubber. However, I believe that riding a scooter with air-filled Tyres is much more convenient, but that is purely a matter of preference.

  • Control:
Since the pedals are located directly under your feet, controlling the system is easy. The pace isn’t too fast, so you don’t feel like you’re about to fall off, and the anti-slip coating on the pedals adds much-needed friction.

The majority of people who tried one were able to ride properly within a few minutes.

It was also a lot of fun because it was modern technology, and it felt amazing to be able to run around so quickly on foot.

  • 22-pound weight.
  • Turning radius o.
  • 4.3 IN. Pedal Height.
  • 15″ Climbing Capacity.
  • Minimum load – 44 lbs.
  • Maximum load: 220 lbs.
  • 1.18 IN. Chassis Height.
  • 100-240V 50-SOHZ charger voltage.
  • The dimensions are 23 x 4 x 7 inches.
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery for energy.
  • Hard Rubber Tires are the most common Tyre type.
  • Maximum Speed 10 MPH – Distance varies depending on load and terrain.
  • Range per charge ranges from 9.3 to 12.4 miles, depending on terrain and load.
  • The top speed is ten miles per hour.
  • The average curb weight is 26 pounds.
  • Other no-name brands of batteries are not as safe as Samsung batteries.
  • Recharges in under 2 hours on average.
  • Sentry Shield technology is used to make the battery safer.
  • The chassis’ plastic has the lightest scrapes.
  • The bumpers were glued to the frame with a shoddy adhesive.
  • Substitute bumpers are available if you lose yours.

Why did we choose this product? 

The X1 is well-made, enjoyable to ride, comes with several control modes, and is reasonably priced as compared to the competition. If you’re looking to buy a scooter, it’s a good choice because it comes with a one-year warranty.


What Should You Consider Before Buying a Swagway X1 Hoverboard?

  • UL 2272 Certification:
Before you consider any other hoverboard functions, you must first consider UL 2272 enforcement. On the bottom of the hoverboard’s box, look for the UL holographic with an enhanced label.

The UL 2272 enforcement requirement, as previously stated,  examines the protection of the hoverboard’s electrical drive train system, battery, and charger to ensure that the system is stable and free of potential short-circuiting or overheating.

  • Minimum and Maximum weight:
Hoverboards have a maximum and minimum weight limit to ensure the rider’s and the board’s safety. Most self-balancing scooters have a  minimum weight limit of 45 pounds (20 kg) and a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds (100 kg).

The best hoverboards, on the other hand, have a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds (roughly 136 kilograms), which is more than enough for even the heaviest of us.

  • Climbing Capacity:
While hoverboards claim to be able to scale 15–30-degree slopes on average, these claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

Also, bear in mind that while they might be able to power up a slight gradient on a smooth road or pavement, they would have a difficult time on dirt roads that are more rocky and rugged.

  • Bluetooth Speakers:
Built-in Bluetooth speakers are another useful feature that can improve your hoverboard ride. Some high-end hoverboards also have learning modes for beginners as well as a mobile app that allows you to monitor the system remotely if desired.

These features are not needed to enjoy a hoverboard ride, but they can be purchased for a higher price depending on your preferences.

  • Speed and Range: 
Even the top-of-the-line Hoverboards from the best Brands offer a  maximum range of just 8-15 miles. Since these personal mobility devices aren’t designed for long-distance travel, but rather to make shorter commutes easier and more efficient, they’re not suitable for long-distance travel.

That’s why hoverboards’ average top speed, across all brands, barely reaches 10-12 mph. Furthermore, Considering the crowded existence of most public places, such as grocery stores, malls, and even sidewalks, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever drive at full speed.

However, knowing that you can hit full speed and enjoy driving down the side of the road with a friend on vacation in a less crowded space is comforting.

  • Tire Size:
When it comes to self-balancing scooters, Tyre size is another critical factor. They are available in various sizes. Some are shorter, and others are bigger. Tire size influences not only the ride’s stability but also where you can take it and what kind of terrain it can handle.

Smaller Tyres would suffice if you just want to walk around the city on the sidewalk. If you want to do more and go “off-road,” you’ll need bigger Tyres that can accommodate a wider range of terrain.


Is it safe to ride a hoverboard in 2023?
Yes, as the market has grown and regulations have been implemented, the self-balancing scooters on the market today are healthy.

Simply search for a hoverboard that has been UL2272 approved to ensure that strict safety requirements have been met.

If a hoverboard is UL2272 approved, it has gone through a rigorous stress test with multiple stages to ensure that it is safe to use as a personal transportation system.

Are hoverboards a good investment?
The value of a hoverboard is determined by who will use it, what they will use it for, and how long they will use it.

In general, hoverboards are worth the money because they’re a lot of fun for kids, they’re perfect for short commutes, and they encourage your kids to spend more time outside enjoying some fresh air and exercise.

What are the top hoverboard manufacturers?
The brand names of hoverboards are more than just a mark slapped on the side of the items you purchase.

They reflect the brand and express a level of confidence in the company’s ability to treat its customers fairly and produce a secure and reliable product.


On the whole, This is a fantastic gadget that provided us with hours of entertainment. Another plus is that they have changed the price in response to market changes, so the price now more accurately represents what you get.

I would strongly recommend this scooter to families with children because it is a completely secure and stable hoverboard for them to ride on.

Furthermore, what you get with the Swagway x1 is a dependable and enjoyable hoverboard that has stood the test of time and continues to earn positive customer feedback daily.

This device is popular because of its high quality, moderate speed, and long-range for such a short charging period.

Even though it has a simple look, this hoverboard has more to it than meets the eye.

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